About the FAN Club

The Friends and Neighbours (FAN) Club is a unique prevention program that was developed in response to the increasing need for dialogue with children and the serious social problems facing them today.

The FAN Club puppet program is now virtual and featuring new shows:

Three puppets smiling

The club uses life-sized puppets to address social issues through lively and thought-provoking shows. The FAN Club is designed for children three to 11 years of age and is now available here for virtual access for educators and professionals to use as a teaching tool.

The Phoenix Centre for Children and Families offered this extremely popular program to thousands of children from 1995 to 2017 and now it's back - virtually bringing the gang into a classroom near you!

"For years, puppets have touched the hearts and minds of children all over the world. The magical world of puppetry allows the children to identify with the characters and feel like they are interacting with their peers. The advantage of a virtual program is that educators, childcare workers or anyone else who wants to access our scripts and resources, will be able to do so at anytime. Our scripts are currently in French and English, and it is our hope that we can add more languages in the near future."

— Penny Langlois, co-ordinator of the Virtual FAN Club

With funding provided by the Trillium Foundation and The Petawawa Rotary Club, the virtual FAN Club program can be accessed at any time by professionals and parents so they can discuss the topics with their students/children to promote effective change and provide them with coping strategies and to engage in healthy conversations.

Based on Expert & Real-Life Input

With input mainly from local school boards, each show topic was chosen to bridge the gap in the curriculum that addresses these issues that children currently face the most. Each show was developed with the assistance of advisory committees who are knowledgeable of, or have lived-experienced with each of the issues.

For each show, there are resources, activities and tools available for downloaded for individuals, groups, or classrooms.

Over time, there will be many more scripts developed on the various social and wellness issues children face, including such themes as bullying, self-esteem, dealing with ADD, coping with separation and divorce and more.

The FAN Club has the ability to reach thousands, if not millions, of children in a very efficient and effective manner. Every child deserves to be a member of our club and reap the benefits of the lessons built into our work.

The Friends and Neighbours Club or F.A.N. Club, was developed in 1995 by the Phoenix Centre for Children and Families, a children’s mental health centre serving Renfrew County, Ontario, Canada.