Jason, Simon & Tara

Racism: Activities & Resources

RacismResources & Activities Activities Discussion Links Racism Overview Activities for Kids Read: A Kid’s Book about Racsim Classroom Activity: Number Race Untangle Racism Ted Talk with 10 year old Cole Blakeway Explaining Racism & Discrimination Read About Racism A Kid’s Book About Racism by Jelani Memory provides a clear explanation of what racism is and…

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Rusty & Odina

COVID-19: Activities & Resources

COVID-19Resources & Activities Activities Questions Links COVID-19 Overview Activities for Kids Who can touch their face the least? Make a selfie mask Construct a collage board Stop watching the news Stay active Focus on an activity Discuss fact vs fiction Be a feelings role model Create your own superhero puppet Write a story about COVID-19…

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Simon & Lise

Anxiety: Activities & Resources

AnxietyResources & Activities Activities Tools Links Anxiery Overview Activities for Kids Notice Five Things Pay attention to your breathing – take some deep breaths until you find a good pace for yourself…breath in slowly and exhale slowly. Acknowledge five things around you. It can be anything. Then notice four things you can touch around you,…

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