The Benefits of Puppetry

The Friends and Neighbours Club uses a method of puppetry called Bunraku.   This style of puppetry originated in Japan and entails the puppeteers dressing in dark clothing and standing directly behind the puppets becoming like a shadow, which is why Bunraku is often referred to as “Shadow Puppetry”. 

The audience cannot see the person, and their focus centers on the vibrant life-sized character in front of them. It becomes a magical moment when the person connects with the puppet characters.  The FAN Club used almost life size puppets depicting children ages 5 to 11 and children watching the shows identify the puppets as a peer. This creates a safe environment for them to listen and have an open discussion about the topic that has been presented.

The F.A.N. Club scripts are designed for children 3-11 years of age and have been developed with great care. Professionals and experts connected to the theme being presented collaborate to ensure that the message portrayed is accurate and child friendly. 

Puppets as a therapeutic tool allow the child to be spontaneous and give them permission to be self-expressive and share their feelings and ideas. This gives them a sense of control in the conversation and provides confidence to utilize the information and skills they have learned and take this into their own journey and use them as coping strategies. 

Puppets offer a way of eliminating fear of something and propelling it into a feeling of optimism and hope. They also promote healing and allow the child’s imagination to expand to places they could never imagine. 

The F.A.N. Club strongly believes that reaching the hearts and minds of young children prevents serious mental health issues for many of our children.