The Story Behind the F.A.N. Club

The Friends and Neighbours Club or F.A.N. Club, was developed in 1995 by the Phoenix Centre for Children and Families, a children's mental health centre serving Renfrew County, Ontario, Canada. The F.A.N. Club is a unique, prevention program that was developed in response to the increasing need for dialogue with children and the serious social problems facing them today. In the past, we created two very successful programs for children of military families on the issues of deployment and reunion. The F.A.N. Club has the capacity to create scripts/performances on any social issue. Our lively co-educational scripts have been thoroughly researched and developed by professionals and they are presented in an entertaining, non-threatening manner.

The F.A.N Club has the ability to reach thousands, if not millions of children in a very efficient and effective manner. Every child deserves to be a member of our club and reap the benefits of the lessons built into our work.

And now that we're virtual, the possibilities are endless.